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Inspirational Stories


So today is just another one of those days right? You got up this morning, preformed your routine tasks, and thought nothing of it.

Is today the most amazing day of your life or do you think it could be so much better?
I do.

Do you mind if I ask you a question? Good.

When was the last time you laughed? I don't mean the last time you smiled when your Uncle Dave told a knock, knock joke, or that time your friend asked you why the chicken crossed the road. No, I mean the last time you had to run to the washroom crying from laughing so hard, with your side aching, and your bladder threatening to do its worst.

Is your life all it can be? Do you wake up every morning happy to be alive, with a smile on your face, ready to attack the world? If you do, send me an email. You're from a rare breed!

What if, every morning something happened that would put a smile on your face?

How much better would your day be if someone sent you a little something to help you stay focused on the positive side of life? Would you let me be one of those people? I won't charge you a cent! Your smile is my reward.

Join the other four thousand plus people who get a few clean jokes and the odd inspirational thought. Take a quick look to see what some of them had to say about that daily uplifting moment they receive.

What could keep you from joining them? After all, its free, its actually clean (G-rated), and best of yet its bound to make you smile.

I'm personally looking forward to you joining us!
- Ed

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