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Looking for a fresh joke or two each time you open your browser? Set this page as your start page!

Looking for some random one-liners?

Looking for some random story jokes?

Now, you can get all the humour that had been sent out. Many of this, has never been available before. You can look at the oldest mailings of all, or view the recent ones. Some of the jokes, have been made available in the list below for easy joke at a time access.

One Liner...

Oldest Jokes: jokes.txt
1 New error messages
2 Deception
3 Blond Intelligence?
4 Blond Learning Patterns
5 Who's On Start?
6 Proper Eating
7 Crayons
8 The Train Ride
9 Airplane Humour
10 Oxymorons
11 Charitable Donations
12 A Near Death Experience
13 Blond Execution
14 Land Mine Drill
15 Cat Bathing As A Martial Art
16 A Perfect Man
17 Paint Supply
18 Sober Doctor
19 Puppy Love
20 True Grief
21 'Sissy'
22 Missing Fingers
23 Metric Cliches
24 Top 20 Programmer Replies
25 Rules For Success
26 Win 98 Readme
27 Diskette Care
28 Proud Fathers
29 You Know You're In Arizona When...
30 Musings on the English Language
31 Answering Machine Messages
32 Disney World Fails
33 Hunting Doctors
34 LA Airport - renaming
35 The 23 Internet
36 Building A Resume
37 Drag Racing
38 The Laws of Work
39 Relatives - Relations
40 Blond Looks
41 Shingles
42 The Car Ride
43 Football Player Exam
44 Rolls Royce
45 Indian Talent
46 The Wrist Watch
47 A Matter of Taste
48 Traveling
49 Blind Pilot
50 Spam Letter - Revenge
51 A Natural Process
52 Moronic Measurements
53 Magic Tricks - Desperate Measures
54 Hot and Cold
55 Professionals - Opinions
56 Don't Eat the Fruit
57 Kiss in the Dark
58 Sewn Significance
59 Judgment Day
60 Drunk Decoy
61 Costume Party
62 Baseball in Heaven
63 Famous Quotes
64 Starting the Mower
65 The Age of the "New and Improved"
66 Prison vs. Work
67 All in the Family
68 Problem, problems, problems...
69 Fessin' Up
70 Great Quotes
71 Tie Required
72 Why Engineers Don't write cookbooks
73 Little More Bread
74 Multitasking and Chewing Gum:
75 Help From Above
76 Close Examination
77 Commentary
78 George of The Jungle vs. Titanic
79 10 words that don't exist, but should:
80 Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
82 Alternative OS slogans

A special thank you, to Seth Alvo who spent a lot of time, preparing the jokes for this.


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