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Nancy - The jokes are great. Not everyday you can find clean jokes to pass around. Thanks for the hard work, it's really appreciated. Suchitra - Hi Ed, Have stuck with your mailing list for quite a while and I must say its been consistently good, and surprisingly clean!...
 R. - Just a happy subscriber letting you know I appreciate your work. Thank you for making e-mail fun.  Steve - Good quality jokes. Funny, but with No dirt. Thats why I subscribe. I fired the other joke service I was subscribing to.
 Debby - I am a stay at home mom with a 4yr. old and 3yr. old twins so let me tell you I need all the humor I can get!!! I love your web. Thanks for making me smile!! Ken - I would also like to thank you in advance for having clean jokes in a not so clean world.
Carolyn - the nice part about getting your jokes they are worth sharing them with others. I not only forward them on, but also print them and take it to work and share them with my co-workers. It is always refreshing to have some good clean jokes  Joan - Many of the jokes I share with my coffee friends as we meet each morning. It's a good way to start our day--with a good joke, that is! Thanks!
Ginger - I really enjoy Joke A Whenever - it's quick to read and clean. Several times I have copied jokes, especially those "list type" jokes, and taken them to the office or passed them on to friends. Those are my favorite type jokes - like the one you did recently about how to tell if you're Canadian. I also like "Top Ten..." lists. Yours is the only joke mailing I receive, even though I love jokes and love to laugh! Keep up the good work!  Yvonne - I think your jokes are just about the cleanest I've seen on the web. Thanks!
 Gwen - I really like you mailings and miss them when they don't show up for a few days. You do a good job of selecting humor to share that doesn't compromise Christian standards and values. Keep up the good work. Do you have something to say? Say it now!
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